Below is the latest news for 2023. The most recent additions are shown in RED. Last amendment: 24 October 2023

Alford Valley Community Railway

This 2ft gauge railway reopened on Saturday 19th August 2023, running between the former standard gauge Alford Station and Haughton Park

24 October 2023.     Source: Railway facebook page & web site

Tarka Valley Railway

Located at Great Torrington station, this standard gauge railway opened on Saturday 5th August 2023, offering rides over 12 chains of track using a Pacer unit

18 August 2023.     Source: Site Visit & Railway web site

Tintern Miniature Railway

This is a new 10¼" gauge railway opened on 25th July 2023 and is located at the Old Tintern station on the former GWR Wye Valley line between Chepstow and Monmouth Troy. The railway replaces the previous 5"/7¼" gauge Wye Valley Railway, which closed at an unknown date - but which was still in-situ in February 2023 according to a You Tube clip. The line has been nicely constructed with an un-named proper brick built platform adjacent to Tintern signal box, whose former locking room provides a handy two road shed with a traverser inside - accessed by a small door. The line then runs for 180 yards over the trackbed of the former 5"/7¼" gauge line and terminates at a gate at the end of the car park (approximately where the earlier line changed from elevated to ground level). Motive power is a simple battery electric locomotive named "Dawson" with two sit-in coaches. The railway is operated by Monlife - the leisure services department of Monmouthshire County Council - who also operate the entire site including the cafe in the former station building.

18 August 2023.     Source: Site Visit & Railway web site

Maldon Promenade Petting Zoo Safari Railway

This new 7¼" gauge railway opened on Good Friday, 7th April 2023. It runs in a circuit of 180 yards around a small zoo located at Promenade Park in Maldon (close to the site of the previous 10¼" gauge line, which closed around 2004). A ride on the train allows closer inspection of the various animals in the zoo. The line has one locomotive and two sit-astride coaches. There are no points. The track was laid by MRW Railways and the battery electric locomotive was built by Abbots Engineering. It is required to pay the admission to the zoo (currently £9.95) to gain access to the railway - rides are £2.95). The railway runs daily subject to staff availability and only operates in dry weather.

22 July 2023.     Source: Site Visit

Mountsorrel & Rothley Community Heritage Railway

A new 2ft gauge railway opened on Sunday 16th July 2023 at the Community Heritage Centre, which is based in a former quarry at Nunckley Hill, near Rothley. The short line is formed of a circuit of 140 yards, with one station called Quarry Bottom Halt. Motive power is 4wDM RH393304 of 1956, which hauls two open coaches. Admission to the site is £2 and the fare for three circuits on the railway is also £2.

22 July 2023.     Source: Site Visit & Railway web site

Llangollen Railway

The railway opened its extension to Corwen to public passenger trains on Saturday 3rd June 2023. Trains had also run on 1st and 2nd June 2023 for invited guests and members. The new island platform station is a little short of the site of the original GWR Corwen station.

14 June 2023.     Source: Various reports

Melton Mowbray Model Engineers

This Society has its track site at the Sports Ground on the outskirts of Whissendine. Every year it holds a "Steam Gala Weekend" on the  first full weekend in June - the 2023 event being on 3rd & 4th June. The ground level 3½"/5"/7¼" gauge track was a basic circuit of around 200 yards, with one station, named Whissendine. A second circuit has now been added - mostly parallel with the original track and with a flat crossing, so still making a continuous circuit. The track length is therefore doubled. The extension was officially opened on Sunday 30th April 2023 and to the public on 3rd June 2023 - but was probably in use on Sunday 21st May for their usual Members Steam Up.

14 June 2023.     Source: Site Visit & Railway web site

Royal Arsenal Narrow Gauge Railway

This 2ft gauge railway operates at the Crossness Engines by the River Thames at Abbey Wood. The railway has now been extended down to the public foot entrance to the Museum and is now 428 yards in length. The railway runs for the monthly open days at the Museum.

2 June 2023.     Source: Site Visit

South Lakes Railway

This 7¼" gauge railway ran inside South Lakes Safari Zoo near Dalton-in-Furness. A visitor on 8th May 2023 found the railway closed and lifted, with just a few remnants remaining. He was told it last ran for Santa Trains in December 2017. However, the railway last ran over its full length in December 2016. It was then closed in January 2017 and part of it was lifted. It then partly reopened in October 2017, before full closure in December 2017. It belonged to the previous owner of the Zoo and after he left it was no longer used and was mostly lifted.

10 May 2023.     Source: Site Visit

Telford Town Tramway

This 2ft gauge tramway has not operated since 2019, due to the steam tram being "out of ticket". It was noted on 1st May 2023, the track has been lifted through the level crossing for the road access to the inside of the circuit. The tram and trailer were stabled alongside the standard gauge loco shed.

10 May 2023.     Source: Site Visit

Almondell Model Engineering Centre

The line extended with the opening of the new "Almondell Loop" on Sunday 7th May 2023. The previously used line, the "Appin Loop" is no longer in use. The outer most "Comrie" circuit is still being built.

10 May 2023.     Source: Site Visit

Yorkshire Wolds Railway

This railway opened on extension of 9ch on Easter Sunday, 9th April 2023. Trains run out to the end of line, but now instead of returning directly to the platform, run down the other line towards the station after reversal.

11 April 2023.     Source: Railway web site

Revack Railway

This 7¼" gauge railway closed on Tuesday 10th January 2023. The following was posted on the owning company's web site: "We are sad to announce that Grantown East ceased trading at 4pm on Tuesday 10th January 2023. Grantown East has been a personal passion of the owner, Karen Blessington, since the project first started in 2015, so it is a devastating loss to her. Sadly, after a little more than four years trading it has become clear that Grantown East is not financially sustainable. It was expected that the first few years of business would be hard, but Karen was committed to personally financing the business until it could support itself. Unfortunately, Grantown East did not have enough time to firmly establish itself before the global pandemic struck and, as for many other businesses, 2020 and 2021 were very tough years. As 2022 dawned, restrictions eased and business returned to normal, she had hope again that the business would flourish, but it was not to be and the losses have continued to mount to the point where she can no longer afford to continue. Grantown East would like to thank all its customers for their support over the years and to thank all its staff for their dedicated service".

16 March 2023.     Source: Railway web site

Ashover Light Railway

The Ashover Light Railway Society commenced passenger rides on their 2ft gauge line at Rowsley on Saturday 13th August 2022. The line is an "E" run of 200 yards, close to, but not on the alignment of the now lifted Derbyshire Dales Narrow Gauge Railway, which closed around September 2014. Trains are currently one coach, top and tailed as required.

2 January 2023.     Source: Railway web site